Building your financial reserves has never been easier

Beyond Saving, how do we make financial planning, investing and financial knowledge really easy for individuals and groups ?

How does where you are, determine your right type of reserves and actions ?

Serious Single, when passed the “Get rich quick” life phase

Couple, pre-marriage or recently married

Family, with growing responsibilities and pre-teen children who also need to learn about money

Patriarch / Matriarch, with older children or grandchildren, thinking about setting up the future generations

Knowledgeable People, with existing reserves and looking for structured support to grow those reserves

* * And how necessary is it to move at YOUR individual pace, even if you are part of a couple or part of a group ?

Keep going, to get the direction for all these questions.

See How Critical the Right Way to Build Reserves Can Be

Capital Markets - Shares, bonds, unit trusts (Our Area. See Here)

– Consistent growth.
– Quick access to your money.
– Security for emergency loans,
* Consistency is difficult without the right partner

Savings, fixed deposit and Insurance policies (See Here)

– Money is as safe as the Bank it is in.
– Insurance policies are efficient for insurance, not investment
* Reserves grows slowly.

Saccos (See Here)

– Used to build a credit facility for future loans
* You cannot access your savings unless you leave the Sacco, you can only get a loan
* Loan requires guarantors, and you must risk by guarantying others
* Your Share capital portion is not returned, you must find a buyer for it

Business, land and tenders (See Here)

– Can make good money when it goes well
* Time consuming activities
* Need reliable contacts
* Money is tied even in emergency

Cryptos, Speculation, get-rich-quick type games (See Here)

– High return possibilities
* Very high risk,
* Some are banned in some countries.
* Unreliable when you have dependents.

* * Want more details?  See each area, then continue and let us show you how easy we make it.

How much growth is possible in Capital Markets ?

Starting with KES 53,000 – end with KES 509,879.  In 11 years, it is 960% growth

Steady and consistent growth even during economic shocks like election violence, weakening Kenya shilling, drought cycles and changes in fuel prices.

* * Ready for action? Get moving on the next step 

So many regular people use FourFront !

How will FourFront make it really easy for you as well ?

Let Us Show You

Our Story,

A level financial playing field for all

* The start:  Coming from a traditional investment banking, money manager, and stock-broker environment, we were clear that the financial playing field was not level.

* People kept asking why many critical financial services were still only available to those with lots of money? We listened and decided that we could do something about it.

* The result is FourFront, a service that you can personalize to your current stage in life, to support you and those who are most important to you, and then adjust to your requirements you as you grow.

* To highlight a few of our innovations; we have transparent investing, where you see and understand exactly what is happening with your money; we further combine financial planning, to support you to stabilize or strengthen your foundation; and lastly, we increase your financial knowledge, because no one becomes wealthy without knowing what they are doing.

* But what we are most proud of is how we have made a service that feels simple, and just makes building your financial reserves EASY.

All that remains now, is for you to try us and see how FourFront will make it really easy for you as well.

Let Us Show You

Donald Wangunyu
Chief Executive Officer

We Are Regulated

FourFront Management is supervised by the Capital Markets Authority.

We work only with regulated partners including Stockbrokers and Investment Banks in Kenya and our pioneer partner is Standard Investment Bank.