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For easy stock market trading and investing with confidence!

Regulated by the Capital Markets Authority

Get The Confidence To Invest Successfully!

Our pioneering computer technology is proven to spot the best investment opportunities and notify you.

Then get guidance from our experienced Investment Council in making your decision, or take up automated investing through the Council.

Using computer technology for investing is the most advanced investing strategy and globally called Algorithm (ALGO) trading.

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We make trading and investing strategies easy!

Get notified with the right strategy for each situation and how to easily use it!

Beginner strategies for great returns when prices are RISING. Advanced strategies to make money when prices are FALLING. Safe Strategies to EARN INTEREST on your shares and so MUCH MORE.

You now make money in ALL situations!

Global Investing !

Easily and knowledgeably invest in global markets.

Understanding each and every step.

Interest on cash balance!

Earn interest on any balance that is not invested between buying and selling shares.

Saving accounts, fixed deposits, SACCOs and government bonds only give interest

Here you earn interest, but also earn investing income and trading profit, for maximum results!

Peace of Mind that is easy and convenient

We monitor your share prices for profit, automatically re-invest any dividends, give real-time notices and much more!

Including specialized service for investment groups or families, like individualized member support, dividend tracking and estate transfer services.

Become a better investor as you go!

Customize the best investment plan to start with, then learn and grow as you go.

Set your minimum amount, fee, service preference and more, or use one of our standard plans.

Then get investment tips, ideas and learning with each share-price movement and grow to new levels!

How safe is your money?

FourFront is Regulated by the Capital Markets Authority

We are a division of Standard Investment Bank (SIB), a leading Investment Bank in Kenya, founded in the year 1995 and SIB is the custodian of your investments.

Our systems have the highest security and encryption required for financial transactions.

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Our Story,

In 2008 investors challenged us to give them a simple way to trade shares and invest in the stock market. We listened, innovated and became the first SMS/Mobile trading provider in Kenya!

Investors then challenged us again asking, “Now show us how to make money using the stock market”

The solution was FourFront

We set-off to create the very best investment service and were awarded a licence as the first premium investment service provider in Kenya.

Then we digitized our services to make them affordable to all.

For this and our global standards, we were awarded a licence as the first Robo-Advisor in Kenya.

We created an easy digital system for trading and investing, with high quality personalized support, with technology to search for opportunities and technology that teaches an investor how take advantage when opportunities are found.

We lead, because we listen to you, our investors.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

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We are licensed for Business services!

Are you a Fund, Stockbroker, independent financial advisor, consultant or conference & event organizer in the financial services?

Contact us for business services including Market Access, Short-Selling lending pools, Order flow enhancement, Community Collaboration, Commission based customer sourcing and more.